about SIXFIVE Pixels

Providing Vital Digital Services to Singapore SMEs & Businesses

Why SMEs? Because we love working with SMEs

We have always love to work with small businesses as they show growth potential and move fast. Furthermore, in Singapore, SMEs make up 99% of the country's enterprises and contribute to nearly half the GDP. 

SIXFIVE Pixels is a special task force formed by our parent brand, specifically to provide vital digital services such as web design, email marketing & social media marketing, to Singapore SMES & businesses.

Over 8 years experience

Our team has have over 8 years of experience in helping Singapore businesses build websites, email marketing & other digital related services

100% locally brewed

Our team is 100% locally made in Singapore and has in-depth knowledge on merging technology with business. Confirm got quality one lah!


We do not compete on price but we are confident our rates are very competitive and value-for-money. Our services are also PIC claimable.

Why SIXFIVE Pixels?

Because we build websites that Singapore SMEs actually need

Every business worth their salt, clearly know not having a website is akin to business suicide in Singapore. Yet many businesses fall prey to cheap or free options, building websites that looks dated, lacking in features and most importantly, doesn't work for the businesses. 

At SIXFIVE Pixels, we do not just build websites blindly.
We build websites that Singapore SMEs and businesses actually need and work.
Designed In-House

We take pride and responsibility in our design directions. This ensures that we have quality control over the User Interface & User Experience.

Built for Mobile-Friendly

Built using BootStrap v4 framework, we ensure all our web designs are Google Responsive Web Design-compliant. Great for all views: Desktop, Tablet or Phone.

Optimized for SEO

Our websites are built for on-page SEO.  By working in SEO best practices & semantic coding structure, we also integrate SEO plugins for clients to access in the CMS.

Custom Wordpress CMS

All our websites are built on top of a heavily customised Wordpress CMS. Built with custom features and enhanced security, our CMS is robust for Singapore Businesses.


Built or curated specifically for Singapore SMEs, our features are selected based on the criteria on how they can actually help Singapore Businesses in their operations.

Email & Social Marketing

Apart from web design, we also offer Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing services as a bundle, whereby we can use all 3 channels in a comprehensive way.

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